Discover the allure of natural exploration with us. We epitomize affordable luxury, ideal for swift, revitalizing getaways. As a boutique resort and villa management company, we excel in hospitality, gracing Maharashtra's picturesque destinations like Panchgani, Lonavala, Mulshi & Karjat. Our commitment to fostering quality time amidst nature is our enduring passion.


At the heart of Vibescapes lie our visionary founders, Kaizeen Davierwalla & Shaurya Shetty. Their dream weaves together unique encounters with nature, inviting guests to revel in its splendor. Inspired by their vision, we craft joyful hideaways, where people unite to forge timeless memories. Our essence is a harmonious connection with nature, eternally inspiring us to create moments that resonate with your soul.



Our tight tribe are people who enjoy road-trips to places. Spending quality time with their family while exploring in and around the property. Unwinding and relaxing on their holiday with just about right to make you feel at home, yet away.

Kaizeen Davierwalla


Shaurya Shetty

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